Tieast Smith, a Certified Alternative Healing Therapist and Practitioner, a spiritual artist and metal-smith jewelry maker. I understand your dreams and aspirations deeply. My offerings are created with love and care, designed to resonate with your unique path and empower your vision.

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Exploring our Dreams

Exploring our Dreams For as long as humans have existed, dreams have fascinated and perplexed us. These vivid, often bizarre experiences feel profoundly meaningful, even when their message is shrouded in metaphor and symbolism. Dreams provide a gateway into our unconscious minds – a portal to connecting with our deepest selves, working through emotions, and […]

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Mindfulness Through the Sacred Art of Incense Making

Mindfulness through the Sacred Art of Incense Making The making of sacred incense is an ancient spiritual practice found in many of the world’s religions and cultures. From the Hindu agarbattis to the Catholic church’s frankincense and myrrh, the act of blending and burning fragrant botanical materials has long been used to help induce a

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Spiritual Alchemy: The Ultimate Creative Voyage

Creativity and spirituality are both about profound transformation. Artists take intangible inspiration and shape it into amazing works through their chosen craft. Spiritual seekers turn the mysteries of life into tangible wisdom and self-understanding. Where these mystical and creative paths merge, we find spiritual alchemy – a process of refining our consciousness to fully embody

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Awaken Your Radiant Energy with Sunstone

Awaken Your Radiant Energy with Sunstone As the world awakens from winter’s slumber, there’s no better crystal ally than sunstone to energize your fresh start this spring. This vibrant golden-orange gem embodies the life-giving rays of the sun itself, imbuing you with warmth, optimism and a zest for new adventures. If you’re ready to step

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Self-Love This Valentine’s Day

Bring More Love into Your Life this Valentine’s Day With Valentine’s Day approaching, many of us think about romantic love and relationships. However, the most important relationship is always the one you have with yourself. This Valentine’s Day, I want to explore self-love, clearing past relationship blocks, understanding your romantic patterns when it comes to

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