Beautiful African American woman floating in a bathtub filled with bright Peonies

Self-Love This Valentine’s Day

Beautiful African American woman floating in a bathtub filled with bright Peonies

Bring More Love into Your Life this Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day approaching, many of us think about romantic love and relationships. However, the most important relationship is always the one you have with yourself. This Valentine’s Day, I want to explore self-love, clearing past relationship blocks, understanding your romantic patterns when it comes to love, and bringing more love into your life.

To gain insight into these topics, I pulled three cards from my oracle deck: The Keepers - Guardian of the Elements & Crystals:

Beautiful and ethereal African American woman with pale pink hair, wearing pink, holding a pink Rose Quartz crystal

Self-love: "Embrace Your Own Worth"

Rose quartz represents unconditional love, opening the heart chakra, and fostering deep bonds - including with yourself. Known as the 'love stone,' rose quartz carries a sweet, nurturing energy that encourages vulnerability and care for the self. The radiant pink color of rose quartz also symbolizes treasured femininity - cultivating aspects of beauty, grace and purity within the inner realm. Rose quartz reconnects us to inherent sacredness. Rose Quartz card beams of gentle affirmations - YOU ARE WHOLE, YOU ARE WORTHY and YOU ARE LOVED. This card invites you to celebrate your unique gifts, talents and inner beauty. Take yourself out on a date, write a love letter to yourself, and embrace your self-worth fully. You are so worthy of your own true love and affection.

Beautiful African American woman with Pink-Purple hair wearing pinkish-purple dress and an Rhodonite Crystal around her neck

Releasing Blocks: "Let Go of Bitterness"

Rhodonite is widely regarded as one of the best crystals for healing emotional trauma and clearing out energetic/emotional wounds, especially those caused by failed romantic connections or betrayal in partnerships. It emanates a vibrant yet gentle pink hue - symbolizing soothing and forgiveness of both oneself and others. Associated with the heart chakra, Rhodonite encourages letting go of anger, bitterness and resentment that blocks the flow of love into our lives. Rhodonite provides gently protective and compassionate energy, allowing one to observe painful memories and process difficult feelings with grace. Using the Rhodonite card in meditation can help identify areas of improvement for finding closure, fully releasing attachment to past hurts, restoring inner equilibrium to the system, and making space for greater love ahead. It is a crucial ally on the emotional healing journey. Is lingering bitterness, resentment or pain from a past relationship preventing you from creating the love you desire today? This card calls you to heal old emotional wounds so you can welcome new and healthy love.

Beautiful woman of India dressed in a Emerald green dress and an Emerald necklace holding a staff with an Emerald on top

Understanding Patterns: "Soulmate Energy"

In many spiritual traditions, emerald green is associated with the heart chakra and interpersonal relationships. Known as the "Stone of Successful Love", emerald nurtures growth, rebirth, and new phases of connection, helping us better understand the patterns and blockages that have restricted soulmate love. Connected to Venus planet energy, the lush hue of emeralds promote compassion for self and others, harmony within partnerships, friendship soul groups, and "fated" encounters. It brings clarity to repetitive cycles that keep soulmates apart or invisible. By working with Emerald energy, we welcome destined soul bonds while consciously transforming limiting behaviors, fears or relational. You have a soulmate connection out there waiting for you. Yet first, it's important to reflect on any repetitive unhealthy relationship patterns that stop you from recognizing it. This card asks you to look within first.

I hope the cards I pulled provide some guidance and self-reflection this Valentine’s season about loving yourself and attracting fulfilling relationships.

African American Woman sitting in a bathtub filled with flowers

Honor Your Own Divinity - A Valentine's Self-Love Bath Ritual

As Valentine’s Day approaches, show your devotion by pampering yourself with a relaxing and intentional angelic bathing ceremony. Light candles with rose or vanilla scent and bring one or more of your crystals into the space.

Start by infusing your bathwater with Epsom or Himalayan pink salts and essential oils like jasmine, ylang ylang or magnolia. These carry sweet, uplifting fragrances that open our hearts. Offer a prayer of gratitude as you fill your tub, honoring your sacred feminine energy.

Step into the warm water while holding your crystal over your heart. Take time scanning your energy. Notice where you feel soothing comfort versus where you may feel a separation.

Let the nurturing water envelop your skin as you make space for any difficult emotions to surface and wash away. Feel Mother Earth’s support. Set the intention to embrace, validate and celebrate every aspect of your inner light – scars and all.

Stay as long as desired dreaming up small acts of self-care you can integrate regularly to nourish your mind, body and spirit temple with consistent adoration.

May this immersive experience reconnect you to the gift and blessing it is to inhabit your body and being fully. You deserve such gentle reverence, always.

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