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Nurturing Souls, Illuminating Paths, Igniting Creativity.

Tieast Smith

Helping you to connect to your inner muse and ignite your creativity

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I do what I do because I want to share this magic with you. I want to help you embrace the extraordinary in your ordinary, to find joy and healing in the everyday moments, and to discover the artist, the healer, and the dreamer within you.
Tieast Smith

I’m Tieast Smith. I’m a bit of a Renaissance soul. I’ve spent years tapping into my creativity, weaving a tapestry of my skills and passions together to create a harmonious blend of artistry, energy, and well-being.  I’ve done this through years of creating jewelry as a metal-smith & jewelry artist, working with crystal energy, being a digital artist and a Certified Alternative Healing Therapist.

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At the heart of my creative journey lies a brand that encapsulates my diverse passions and ventures—welcome to ....

The Spirited Muse is a tapestry of inspiration, weaving together the realms of Oracle cards, planners, and guidebooks. It’s here that I channel my creativity, spiritual insights, and a deep love for intentional living.

Through The Spirited Muse, I’ve birthed Oracle card decks that are portals to wisdom, planners that nurture the soul’s journey, and guidebooks that illuminate the path of self-discovery. Each creation is a labor of love, crafted to empower you on your quest for clarity, purpose, and spiritual growth.

Whether you’re seeking guidance from the cards, structure for your daily rituals, or insights for your personal journey, The Spirited Muse is your sanctuary—a place where magic, mindfulness, and everyday living unite.

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