Mindfulness Through the Sacred Art of Incense Making

Black woman surrounded by herbs and candles preparing to make incense

Mindfulness through the
Sacred Art of Incense Making

The making of sacred incense is an ancient spiritual practice found in many of the world’s religions and cultures. From the Hindu agarbattis to the Catholic church’s frankincense and myrrh, the act of blending and burning fragrant botanical materials has long been used to help induce a state of meditation, mindfulness, and connection to the divine.

On a practical level, incense making involves carefully selecting, grinding, and mixing together various dried herbs, woods, resins, flowers, and spices. Common ingredients include frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, palo santo, sage, lavender, rose petals, and more. But it is more than just combining appealing scents. Incense making is a ceremonial act steeped in intention and presence.

4 bowls of crushed herbs for incense making

As you measure out each element, grinding the solid resins into powders with a mortar and pestle, the rhythmic movements become a form of moving meditation. You bring your awareness to the textures, colors, and aromas of the materials, contemplating their histories and meanings. Certain herbs are thought to promote grounding, others purification or wisdom. You imbue each step with purposeful breath and choreographed movement.

When the blend is finally ready, you may choose to make cone or stick incenses, allowing the dough-like mixture to dry over many days or weeks. Lighting the finished incense allows you to breathe in the calming and uplifting smells, offering it up in prayer, ritual, or simply taking a pause for reflection amidst the swirling smoke.

Burning Incense coil

For many, the entire process of crafting sacred incense from start to finish is a profound teaching in mindfulness. You give your full sensory attention to the materials. You approach the practice with reverence, performing each step with care and consciousness. Rather than rushing, you embrace the slowing down, the patience required, the pleasure in creating something special.

Whether you follow a particular spiritual tradition or not, making your own incense connects you with the Earth’s botanical offerings and your own capacity for focused presence. It is a restorative act of art in a world that often moves too quickly. A sacred pause and a ritual honoring the magical alchemy of fragrance, fire, and breath.

The act of blending aromatic botanicals with intention is indeed a path to mindfulness and connecting more deeply with the divine.

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