Whispers from the Realm of Dreams


Unleash the profound exploration of your unconscious mind with the “Whispers from the Realm of Dreams” oracle deck. This 44-card collection, accompanied by a visionary digital guidebook, opens gateways into the mystical dimensions of your nightly dreams.

Each intricately-designed card unveils coded visions, ancestral memories, and intuitive callings directly from the deep wellsprings of your subconscious wisdom. Seeking awakening, creative rejuvenation, or embodiment of your highest purpose? These sacred dreamscape whispers help to illuminate your journey.

Inside the accompanied guidebook you will find that some cards offer guided meditations and journaling activities, to help you develop powerful lucid dreaming abilities – helping you navigate the ethereal realms with clarity as you receive visionary downloads and spirit guide messages. Untapped intuitive gifts awaken through the cards’ symbolic frequencies.

But this oracle deck is no ordinary deck – it’s an initiation into the multidimensional mastery of your dreamscape. As I designed each card, they were energetically encoded with intention to rouse your psychic senses upon contact. Every deck is carefully wrapped and comes with an exquisite purple pouch to preserve its magic.

Don’t let the whisperings of your unconscious slip away. Open the gate to soul-conversations through dream reveries.

Unlock mystic possibilities with the “Whispers from the Realm of Dreams” oracle. Your visionary dreams are ready to be embodied.

Deck Details:

*44 cards featuring stunning illustrations blending Afrocentric images with the magic and mystery of the cosmos.
*Comprehensive digital guidebook with in-depth messages, guided visualizations and journal prompts for selected cards.
*Sturdy and durable cardstock with a smooth finish
*Beautifully packaged in a satin pouch
BONUS: Printable Oracle Journal

Suitable for beginners and experienced readers alike
Card dimensions: 2.75 x 4.75 inches (standard tarot size)

Each Whispers from the Realm of Dreams Oracle Deck is made to order. Please expect 2 to 3 wks for delivery.  What this means is, Oracle Decks are sent to print, after payment is received.  They are printed offsite and shipped from the printer.  Please expect 2 to 3 wks for deliver

The Sacred Soulcraft is protected under copyright law, and therefore any copying, reproduction, or reselling of images or text without expressed permission is strictly prohibited. We highly value our intellectual property rights and appreciate your understanding in maintaining its integrity.

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