Selenite Half Moon Charging Plate 4 3/4 Inches


Selenite is perfect for charging and cleansing your crystals. This charging plate will sit perfectly on a nightstand, sacred space or an altar to hold salt, herbs, small crystals, jewelry etc – or simply as a beautiful piece to hold in your hand and enjoy the soothing effect!

Great for use in Reiki and Crystal Healing. Selenite dissolves blockages, directs the flow of energy throughout the body, bringing your emotions back into balance. Aligning with the intention of serving the highest good, Selenite invites an enlightened transformation.

Keeping Selenite throughout your home creates a safe and serene environment. Its soothing vibration harmonizes with all other stones, amplifying and cleansing their energy.

Do not get it wet.

– Shape: Half Moon
– Length: About 4 3/4″
– Width:  2″

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